About Effie Waller Smith

Effie Waller was born on Chloe Creek in Pike County, Kentucky on January 6, 1879. The daughter of formerly enslaved... read more

Our Mission

The Effie Waller Smith Society began as a group of Pike County natives who sought to honor Miss Effie by gathering... read more

Our Native Mountains

For more information about Mrs. Smith, Pike County, and other areas included in her work, click here.

Among the "Breaks" of Big Sandy River

"I never knew a sweeter look
Of Nature ever wearing"

Elkhorn City

"O Elkhorn City! In my heart
I hold for you a goodly part"

My Native Mountains

"I love with true devotion
The people who live here."

There's Beauty All Around Us

"All around us there is beauty
On the leaves of Nature's book"