There's Beauty All Around Us

Effie Waller Smith

There's Beauty All Around Us.

All around us there is beauty
On the leaves of Nature's book,
And while in the path of duty
Ought we not at them to look?

Oh, why should we within a field
Of fresh blooming roses rare
See but the thorns that're half-concealed
Underneath the blossoms fair?

Or why should we the lilies tread
With our clumsy, careless feet?
“Consider them,” Our Savior said,
“In their loveliness complete.”

While daily through the world we move
With duty's path around us,
Let's train our eyes to see and love
The beauties that surround us.

Let us sometimes watch the sun rise
As the moments hasten by,
Glowing with rich resplendent dyes
In the far off eastern sky.

And at morning let us listen
While the birds their carols sing,
While the silvery dew-drops glisten
And the cow-bells faintly ring.

When beneath the elm we rest
While blows the evening wind
As the Day-god in the west
Sinks the mountain's crest behind.

When the stars are faintly peeping
From the heavens one by one,
When shadows are dimly creeping,
When the busy day is done.

Then as we meditate and dream
With Nature wonderingly,
Perhaps our cares will lighter seem,
And our work less irksome be.